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What is “Mold Manufacturing Industry”

April 07,2022

Dies are usually products obtained through various processes such as manufacturing in operation, finger die production, die casting, smelting or forging, forging and pressing. Mold manufacturing refers to the manufacture of molds for metal casting, molds for mineral materials, molds for rubber or plastic, and molds for other purposes.

The mold industry is often referred to as the “mother of the industry”. With the continuous and rapid development of the industry, the output value and market size of the mold industry maintain a growing trend, and plastic molds and automotive molds are the key products in the mold.

The production industry and consumer products of such products are updated very quickly, so there are also requirements for various high-quality mold manufacturers, the industry no longer has any other car manufacturers, etc., and can produce equipment in advance, and Provide convenience. In the product development process, computer-aided technology, artificial intelligence technology, etc. have been widely used for decision-making, simulation and design, and continuous analysis has improved the technological innovation of enterprises.

With the continuous high standards and strict requirements of the global mold industry, my country’s mold industry is also moving towards a new milestone. In the process of automatic standardized operation of mold production and processing, it can not only improve mold quality and reduce mold manufacturing costs, but also greatly reduce molds. manufacturing cycle, so as to be able to meet customer needs faster. The continuous changes in market demand and the improvement of production equipment technology have resulted in many new technologies in the mold manufacturing industry. For example, technologies such as standard automatic processing technology, large-scale and precision stamping die design and manufacturing technology, high-speed high-precision machining and other technologies have been widely used.

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