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Development of high-speed precision Stamping Die

July 10,2022

Stamping production involves all aspects of the industry all over the world.

The main direction of developing stamping technology in the future is to continuously improve covering parts, complex stamping technology, aluminum-magnesium alloy stamping technology, deep-drawing hydroforming technology, high-strength steel hot forming, fine blanking and precision high-speed stamping technology, etc.

High-speed precision stamping technology is a modern advanced manufacturing technology.

It is a high-tech integration integrating high-speed stamping technology, high-quality materials and technologies, intelligent control technology, and green manufacturing. In high-speed precision stamping, it has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good product quality and consistency, energy and manpower saving, cost reduction, and safe production.

One of the main bottlenecks for the rapid development ofprecision stampingin China is mold production.

 The main production direction in the future is the production of large, ultra-high-speed, high-precision molds, as well as the production of ultra-thin, ultra-micro components. At the current stage, the problem that my country needs to solve is the key design technology of mold design, fully grasp the connotation and basic manufacturing theory and manufacturing core, and establish and perfect high-quality mold base parts. The construction of domestic precision high-speed stamping equipment and auxiliary feeding system is an important task at present. The development of electronic information industry has brought unprecedented hope to precision high-speed stamping.