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3D Laser Cutting of Auto Parts

April 28,2022

Core abstract: 3D laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility. Under normal circumstances, a set of molds can only target one process for one workpiece, while 3D laser cutting can target any process of any workpiece. When the workpiece product changes, such as changes in surfaces, trimming and holes, it is only necessary to change the laser cutting program. Because the tooling fixture used is relatively simple, the modification of the tooling fixture is also very convenient. Therefore, laser cutting has the characteristics of greater flexibility, which can reduce mold investment and shorten the sample trial cycle.

With the shortening of the development cycle, the reduction of costs, the improvement of competitiveness, and the acceleration of the replacement and upgrading of vehicle models, the 3D laser cutting process has gradually entered the production process system of automobile manufacturers due to its high flexibility, low cost, and wide application range.
The 3D laser cutting  is an advanced laser cutting equipment that performs multi-angle and multi-directional flexible cutting of metal sheets of different thicknesses by a special fiber laser cutting head, a high-precision capacitive tracking system, a fiber laser and an industrial robot system. The laser cutting machine designed by the automobile industry occupies an important position in the auto parts processing market by virtue of its advantages of good stability, high precision and fast speed.
As the high-end technology of laser application technology, 3D laser cutting and welding technology has been more and more widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry: auto parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof cover and other aspects. In addition to being used in car body design and manufacturing, it is also widely used in cutting prototype car parts.
Compared with other cutting methods, 3D laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, high flexibility, low pollution and cost saving. Laser cutting adopts non-contact processing, which has almost no consumables and no pollutants. The three-dimensional laser cutting machine can also solve the problems of cutting holes and edgesof cutting holes and edges of some three-dimensional metal forming parts.

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