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Designs Backed by
Experience and Market Trends

At Bohe, we have a skilled in-house design team dedicated to fulfilling your mold customization needs. We have a total of 9 designers, including 6 people in the steam module, 2 in the home appliance group, 8 people with 12 years of design experience, and a monthly production capacity of 25 molds.
Craftsmanship Born from Experience and Skills
We work closely with you through professional consultation in choosing the right material and form. Bohe’s designers also optimize your vision and make it marketable for your target audience with the performance and durability that they want. Starting as a simple sketch on paper, each mold is forged to bring your vision to life. With our help, we can find a design that accomplishes your goals while staying within your budget.
4 Hassle-Free Steps in Constructing Your Bespoken mold
01 Design Submission
The design team carefully studies your concept. Experienced members of our design team offer initial sketch.Communicate with you the details
02 Quick Sampling
Bohe will create a FREE sample of your mold based on the finalized design and send it to you. The sample can help you decide on any changes before proceeding to the last step.
03 Mass Production
After receiving the down payment, we proceed to manufacture your customized mold through our automatic production line.
04 Packaging and Delivery
Your finished orders are properly packed into your custom packaging and shipped to you through trusted logistic companies.